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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 17, 2016 3:07am-4:00am EDT

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returning to "the real housewives" this season. the bravo star saying, i would have loved a more graceful exit than season 6, but sometimes we don't get to control the ending to the chapters in our life. that's very true. >> very true. and yolanda, who has been battling lyme disease, wants to focus on her recovery, rightfully so, as well as her kids and bringing back some privacy in her home. >> i think that's a wise choice. good for her. let's see what other items are trending on social media today. her "gq" shoot was hot, but these "gq" posts even hotter. kim kardashian naked, between the sheets, naked in a grassy field, continuing to keep her promise for -- >> nude selfies. >> kim revealing the anatomy of a perfect stripped down selfie. >> me and emily in the bathroom at the staples center at a justin bieber concert. we just thought it was funny. >> besides loving selfies, kim obviously loving daughter north even more. celebrating her 3rd birthday princess style with lots of
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kisses. i can totally relate to kim on that. i smother my kids. they're like, daddy, stop! >> meanwhile, kanye is in the background on his phone. he's making deals to pay for the birthday party. kate hudson having a super american summer. getting silly and soaked with her two boys at niagara falls. >> i can't even see anything. amy schumer, the lady in red, for her first "vogue" cover. she also shot this super funny life swap video with "vogue's" anna wintour. >> i'd like to see that. >> her job as an icy editor not so successful, but anna's job as a comedy queen turns out way better. >> wintour is coming. >> nice to see her loosen up. she's always seen with the shades. >> and that haircut. rizzo and sandy snapchatting a message for you. >> you are very sorely missed right now. >> you're supposed to be here with us. >> i couldn't be there, but julianne huff, vanessa hudgens, and the cast of "grease live" having a reunion to celebrate the success of fox's hit
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>> it feels so good! >> ladies night in l.a. >> bring it home. >> cate blanchett, natalie dormer, and taraji p. henson bringing it. taraji in a black off the shoulder dress. winning excellence in tv for her role as cookie on "empire." >> i get more others coming up to me like oh, my god, thank you, cookie is my spirit animal. okay. you look like you grew up in beverly hills, okay. >> cookie, lucious, and the whole "empire" back on fox this fall. and bonus feed item trending today. james corden's late night rap battle with kevin hart. ♪ up here you're in a movie people might actually see ♪ ♪ but now real talk you'll always be known as the guy who's not chris rock ♪ >> corden goes for the jugular right there. hart got the last laugh. ♪ i'm a fan excited to see you
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♪ you think you're sweet i fill football stadiums you barely fit in the seat ♪ >> they always go for the weight on corden. >> he takes it well. kevin brought more laughs to the premiere of his new film "central intelligence" as he and his co-star "the rock" put in some work for terri. >> the rock, the hart. two in-demand stars. arer no other star who understands how busy i am than this guy. >> finding time for guys night out in l.a. >> where your beautiful ladies this evening? >> ladies got to let men be men. we felt like this was a night for us to be us. i didn't want my lady to come in between this. not that she would, but she could. she could have gave me a couple tugs when i didn't want to be tugged. >> boys night. >> it is boys night. and my lady was like, hey, where you guys? hey, hey! no. it's me and kevin. >> dwayne johnson and kevin hart getting in lots of spy versus spy trouble in "central intelligen."
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trying to get out of trouble with their significant others with our terri. >> hi, honey. >> i want to apologize to my lady if she sees this. i love you. i'm looking forward to the wedding, sweetie. nothing on earth is more important than you. >> kevin and his fiancee saying i do later this year. >> who's your best man? >> i wish it was, but i understand his schedule. >> dwayne just wrapped "bay watch," still shooting "fast 8." >> we're in touch the way we're supposed to be, but we're there in spirit. he's more than a best man in spirit. >> but together for real -- >> google! >> don't do that, stop it. >> when "central intelligence" hits theaters tomorrow. coming up, just when you thought it was safe to date jojo, bad chad is back. >> we've got your all-new "bachelorette" sneak peek. plus, carissa tries to recruit tim teow to become the next bachelor. that's next. right now, m
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daughter gia are getting a father's day waffle cooking lesson from chef ella marie. >> good idea. >> her book "cooking with ella marie: celebrities and kids" is available at barnes & noble. the full video and recipe at how do you spell entertainment? >> the next generation of entertainment news -- >> is here. >> "extra." for over 20 years, "extra" has been delivering emmy award-winning entertainment news. now for the second time, we've struck emmy gold for outstanding entertainment news program. "extra."
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next "extra," an oc housewives confessional before the next season. >> i don't need a fake story line. my life is
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ah, there's plenty of drama going down monday night on "the bachelorette," and it may be the end for chad, but is it somebody else that's bringing jojo to tears? we've got your sneak peek. >> i realize i don't deserve people like that in my life. and brandon says i never really loved ben. that [ bleep ] me off. >> oh, drama. we'll find out who upset jojo on abc, but let's send it to carissa, who is trying to nominate this next guy to be on "the bachelor."
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>> he is joining the feel-good show of the summer that promises a huge new twist. with me now, the one and only tim tebow. the twist? >> we're building an entire neighborhood. >> that's right. as the new host of "home free," tebow is cheering season 2's 11 contestants on as they compete by building an entire neighborhood from the ground up. >> welcome to home free boulevard! >> this is crazy! >> honestly, i know nothing about building homes. >> okay, i was going to ask you where's the tool belt? >> i don't know, i had to wear a hard hat a lot. >> so you're not going to be the guy actually building the houses. >> no, i mean, i would help with it, but really, my job was to be the encouragement. >> you need to remember your hero and why you're here. >> there's another show i want you to go on, it's called "the bachelorette." jesse palmer called and he was like, he needs to go on that. >> did he, though? >> jesse's done well for himself. >> yeah, he's awesome. he's killing it. it didn't work out for him
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>> everyone wants to know who you're dating. but ladies, he is single. >> i am. >> and you can watch him on the "home free" premiere tonight on fox. all right, well, social media darling jasmine sanders is quickly becoming one of america's top models, and now, fashion's new it girl is showing us what it's like to walk in her heels for a day. >> katy perry going goth and glam in a tuxedo suit, sitting next to caitlyn jenner, and vanessa hudgens going hippie cool, showing off peace and love. >> "extra," we're backstage for the moschino show. >> jasmine sanders backstage. >> we're in l.a., like my favorite city in the world. >> with the other a-list models, alessandra ambrosio, miranda kerr, and haley baldwin. >> i'm a little nervous because the runway is so long. >> it is very long, but we got this. >> cindy crawford and rande gerber cheering
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who's in the colorful show. jeremy scott the mastermind. >> i love knowing that the work is connecting with people, because that makes me feel like i'm doing the right thing. >> the clothes edgy, funky, bright, and bold, and going very cool for the summer. jasmine in a multi-colored bikini, trying on even more styles at her fitting with jeremy. >> jonathan and i worked together before. i thought for this collection, she fits so well, because it is >> we get to try on so many cute outfits and test out our walks in it. >> online now, jasmine's backstage snapchat-athon, at
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friday is national flip-flop day, and tropical smoothie cafe is celebrating the start of summer by helping raise some funds for camp sunshine. here to tell us all about the fundraiser is ceo mike rotundo. what's going on? >> this is our tenth year of celebrating national flip-flop day and raising money for a great cause. so camp sunshine is a camp for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. this camp is free of charge. now and between the end of june, people can go to any of our 500 locations and make a donation to camp sunshine. >> if you know a child with a life-threatening illness who deserves a little sunshine, nominate them at sunshine, and tomorrow if you stop by any location from 2:00 to 7:00 rocking flip-flops, you'll get a free jeti punch smoothie. but right now we're hooking up our crowd with flip-flops. who wants some? >> next "extra," an oc housewives confessional before the new season. >> i don't need to fake a story line. my life is a story line.
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>> this is actual wrapping? >> it is wrapping paper. it just launched. you can get a wrapping paper. and if you haven't had enough of her derriere with that, you can also get an iphone case. you can look at it every day. >> with kimoji right there. >> correct. >> that's acal
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brilliant. we have a breaking update now on the story we told you about. craig sayinger, first time as an announcer in an nba final. so that outfit wasn't just any outfit. he decided since this is his first time in the finals he went shopping. so this is a dark jacket festooned as he says with blue and gray floral pattern accented with his blue tie. he got it coordinated for the nba final. ? i thi . >> i think you should wear that for our next show. topped off with a blue cowboy hat maybe. or is it cobalt? >> polka. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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this morning on "world news now," emotions run high in orlando. the heartfelt reunion between a nightclub survivor and the officer who helped save his life. this as president obama once again consoles a community reeling from the mass shooting. donald trump faced with more protesters. this time at a rally in texas. his supporters clashing with them in the streets. as bernie sanders vows to help hillary clinton prevent trump from making it to the white house. and new this half hour, we saw a very rare event on the international sports stage. >> huge chunks of hail coming down during the euro championships. the players forced to take cover as it pelted them. the game coming to a screeching halt. and oprah winfrey for president? what she told jimmy kimmel last night when he asked about her political aspirations.
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clinton and the shade she threw at donald trump. it is friday june 17th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson, everybody. we're learning some new details, startling ones, about the orlando gunman, including his troubled childhood and proficiency as a marksman. >> meanwhile, a massacre victim was reunited today with the man who saved his life. angel colon and eatonville, florida police officer omar delgado hugged and cried. it was a moment colon said he'd been waiting for since del gado found him critically injured and pulled him to safety. >> when he was dragging me out i could just look up at him and say hurry, please hurry. but now seeing him again in a different environment, in a happy place, it's awesome. >> colon was shot three times while trying to protect a female
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death if not for officer delgado's efforts. and now to the latest on the investigation into that massacre. sources tell abc news the gunman sent several text messages to his wife during the rampage. >> it's not clear if she received them. we also know that she and the gunman's father have been placed on no-fly lists as they remain under scrutiny. that news came as president obama and vice president biden visited orlando yesterday. abc's marci gonzalez has that part of the story. >> reporter: leaving 49 white roses, one for each life lost, president obama and vice president biden visiting this memorial in orlando. a rainbow overhead after an emotional meeting with survivors of the massacre at pulse nightclub and victims' families. >> these families could be our families. in fact, they are our family. and they asked why does this keep happening? and they pleaded that we did more to stop the carnage.
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held. >> chris. >> reporter: as more haunting images from that horrific sunday morning emerge. >> stay with me. >> reporter: this video taken as dozens of people huddled, hiding in bathroom stalls. some then deciding to run. >> as they were running out the bathroom he was just shooting, killing them right there. >> reporter: just weekend earlier the killer reportedly went into this florida gun store, asking to buy bulk ammunition and body armer, including plates like this that can stop armor-piercing bullets. >> which is not a question that a normal civilian would ask. >> reporter: the employees immediately suspicious, say they refused to sell to him and called the fbi. >> unfortunately, nobody connected the dots. and he slipped under the cracks. >> reporter: no comment on that yet from the fbi. meanwhile, we're told mateen's wife is cooperating with investigators as they work to determine whether she'll be
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charged. kendis and diane? >> that's marci gonzalez for us. meanwhile, the cia director says isis is as dangerous as ever and working to try to inspire more attacks like orlando. john brennan told congress despite setbacks in iraq and syria and growing financial pressures the group is expanding its global reach. he noted that isis leaders are expected to plot more attacks on the west and incite violence by so-called lone wolves. >> our efforts have not reduced the group's terrorism capability and global reach. the resources needed for terrorism are very modest. and the group would have to suffer even heavier losses on territory, manpower, and money for its terrorist capacity to decline significantly. >> brennan's assessment is in stark contrast to the more upbeat tone offered by president obama earlier this week. the president said his strategy against isis is working. well, the senate is set to vote monday on four gun control
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filibuster that lasted nearly 15 hours. two of the proposals are from democrats, including a bill that would prevent anyone on a terror watch list from buying a gun. however, no sweeping changes are expected to pass. donald trump is campaigning in texas as he marks one year since launching his presidential bid. anti-trump protesters clashed with his supporters outside gilley's, the dallas nightclub featured in the movie "urban cowboy." but hundreds of police officers intervened, keeping both sides apart. at another event trump recapped his primary victories and took aim at hillary clinton and president obama over their views on gun control. and bernie sanders appears to be ready to wrap up his campaign. sanders delivered a live speech online, vowing to work with hillary clinton to defeat donald trump. he said he personally intends to begin his role in that process soon but did not formally concede or endorse clinton. sanders says his campaign has never been about a single candidate but about transforming america. more than 200,000 people tuned in for those remarks. to the west coast now and the wildfire burning near santa barbara in central california. it is growing.
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more than 1,400 acres have been scorched since the blaze broke out on wednesday. fire crews are at the mercy of gusty winds. several times yesterday the freeway, 101, through the area was closed. several campgrounds in canyon areas have been evacuated while the sherpa fire is 0% contained. and record-high temperatures in the southwest won't help the fire situation. heat warnings and watches are up through monday. well over 100 degrees in the fire zone. and near palm springs 120 as well for phoenix. and funeral services are set today for the young singer gunned down in orlando last week. christina grimmie is being laid to rest in new jersey. she was shot while signing autographs for fans after a concert. the suspect then turned the gun on himself. police have not revealed a motive but there are several media reports that the suspect was an obsessed fan. >> and a third tragedy from orlando in the last week. autopsy results of the 2-year-old who was attacked by
3:37 am
an alligator, they show the child died from drowning. and disney world has announced new warning signs will be placed near the sxlakz beachlakes and . abc's gio benitez has more from florida. >> reporter: just days after an alligator attacked and killed 2-year-old lane graves at a disney world resort, change is coming. the company's expected to post new signs warning of alligators. the resort has no swimming signs but no signs warning of those gators. disney saying in a statement ll of our beaches are currently closed and we are conducting a swift and thorough review of all of our processes and protocols. this includes the number, placement and wording of our signage and warnings." the family asking for privacy, saying, "words cannot describe the shock and grief our family is experiencing over the loss of our son." members of their parish back in nebraska in mourning. >> they were protective. they were careful. it was a tragedy.
3:38 am
anybody out there. >> reporter: disney world does have gator warnings in some parts of the property but not at their beaches. this photo posted on facebook by another family shows their little boy in the same ankle-deep water where lane was snatched by that gator, taken less than an hour before the tragic accident. experts say signage is necessary. >> we get people come here from florida, all over the world, even other states. and there's no alligators where they live. so for them to go out to the lake 8:30, 9:00 at night right before dark, you know, it's nothing. there's no gators in their lakes. we have them here. signs should be out i think. >> reporter: and right now no word on when those beaches will reopen. because they are very much at the center of this investigation. gio benitez, abc news, lake buena vista, florida. philadelphia has become the first major u.s. city to pass a tax on soda with the beverage industry quickly promising a court challenge. the tax, which amounts to a cent and a half per ounce, comes after months of bitter
3:39 am
it's expected to raise $91 million, which will go toward expanding pre-k and improving parks and libraries. critics say the tax is an undue burden on the poor. north of there some developers are looking to add a few thrills at a new york city landmark. they're looking to build a 1,200-foot ride called the halo on top of madison square garden or the adjacent post office. it would include 11 gondolas that could have speeds individually adjusted based on each rider. >> tickets would cost 35 bucks. the ride would be one of the tallest structures in midtown manhattan. it looks a little bit like the fan thing in "charlie and the chocolate factory." >> it looks like -- >> probably not going to work the same way. >> no. it looks like a bad idea. >> you think so? >> don't you think? it's in midtown manhattan. across from madison square garden. you're going to add -- >> well, you know, there's not enough people in that area. and not enough traffic in that area. >> if only we could get some
3:40 am
trains running through there. >> we need more attractions at madison square garden. >> well, coming up, lebron james keeping hope alive. the cavs push ahead of the warriors in last night's game 6 of the nba finals in cleveland, forcing a game 7 on the west coast. king james on his game. but what happened? what had happened was -- i don't know. >> we'll tell you coming up. and the music royalty spotted courtside. a date night in cleveland for beyonce and jay-z. >> hey, bey. >> first here's a look at today's forecast.
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so this is something you don't see pretty much ever. the ukraine and northern ireland played in a hail of hail during the euro 2016 soccer tournament in france. >> huh. >> the referee actually stopped the match for a few minutes for safety reasons, a move that brought more than a few complaints from fans. >> i can imagine. >> as you can imagine. the sun finally came out after the restart. northern ireland went on to its first win in tournament history. 2-0. >> well, the hail was a blessing. on this side of the atlantic it's u.s. and ecuador in the quarterfinals of the copa america tournament in seattle. not sure why i said it like that. in the 22nd minute the united states' clint dempsey there with the header. put the u.s. up by one. the americans went on to a 2-0 victory. next up is a first-time appearance in the copa semis on tuesday against
3:45 am
from venezuela. moving now from the field to the court, and lebron james keeping the hope alive for the cleveland cavaliers. >> king james led the cavs to what was a 115-110 -- 101 victory over golden state last night in game 6 of the nba finals, which now means there will be a game 7 in oakland. abc's t.j. holmes joins us now with the latest from cleveland. good morning, teej. >> reporter: kendis, diane, i can't believe what we just saw. and actually, we just saw something we haven't seen in the nba in 50 years. a team has come back from 3-1 down to force a game 7 in the nba finals. yes, cleveland, believeland. they are still alive and they have a chance now. they have forced a game 7, and we are going back to oakland. but this game, folks, this was without question the best, the most entertaining and maybe even the nastiest game of the entire finals. lebron once again did his thing, came out and put up 41 points. but the moment that will be talked about is the moment that
3:46 am
steph curry fouls out of the game on what some will say was a pretty ticky-tack minor foul. he gets upset, hurls his mouthpiece into the crowd, and gets ejected. from what we can tell, this is the first ejection of his career. so tempers kind of boiled over. but that's a moment people will be talking about. but everybody will be full strength now. everybody is back and no excuses for game 7. no suspensions to talk about. but some bad blood maybe to talk about now. there was even a moment where lebron blocked one of curry's shots and did a little jawing. this is what you've been waiting for for the nba finals. this was the game that had everything in it. and we've got a game 7, guys. best two words in all of sports, right? game 7. we'll see you back in oakland on sunday night. >> nice tie. >> got a little heated there. >> it did. a little trash talk afterwards. so what about mrs. curry? >> things got heated on twitter as well. aisha curry tweeted out 'v
3:47 am
this is absolutely rigged for money or ratings. i'm not sure which. i won't be silent." >> ooh. except she deleted the tweet. >> yeah. >> later. and says "i apologize. i'm okay that we lost. i just can't take people coming at my family for absolutely no reason." >> all right. some curry tempers flaring tonight. >> as hot as massaman curry. >> we'll see game 7. when we come back the music royalty spotted courtside at tonight's game. >> and what oprah winfrey said when asked if she'd ever run for president. "the skinny" is next. oprah winfrey said when asked if she'd ever run for president. "the skinny" is next.
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny all right. so topping our headlines this morning, music royalty, you might say, spotted courtside at the nba finals. >> jay-z and queen bey turned out in cleveland for last night's game 6. beyonce in a pretty eye-popping outfit there. cobalt blazer, some matching slacks, and finished off the outfit with some transparent strappy heels. >> okay. good. and jay-z, here's a fashion report. rocked his signature style. a sweater with rolled-up sleeves, jeans, baseball cap with contrasting all-white nike high top tennis shoes and of course a platinum watch. that's pretty much how he rolled out of bed. >> looks comfortable. >> yep.
3:50 am
last night jimmy kimmel aired his game night special featuring a very special guest. >> yes. we're talking about oprah, who wasted no time throwing her support behind hillary clinton. then kimmel asked if she would ever consider running for president herself. well, that's when she threw some serious shade at donald trump. >> believe me, that is never, will never -- it's the one thing i know for sure, sure, sure, is i will never run for office. but i will say that for many years i used to think until this election year i thought, wow, why do people say that? i have no qualifications to run. i'm feeling pretty qualified. >> when kimmel brought up trump's past assertions that she would be his first choice for vice president, asking what she'd say if he did reach out to her she replied, "i would say donald, i'm with her." keeping it simple. >> well, speaking of girl power, amy schumer is making her "vogue" debut.
3:51 am
aniston's makeup artist, she swapped out her usual look for a softer, old school hollywood glam on the cover of the july issue. >> looking good. but wait, it gets better. the comedian went toe to toe with the magazine's queen bee editor in chief anna wintour right in her corner office as the two challenged each other over whose job is harder. >> i could totally do what you do. >> i could do what you do. >> which one of these would you prefer? this wouldn't be a big decision. >> are those not the same? >> no. no. not at all. >> yeah, i know. i just didn't know if you knew. >> that's my time. but remember, wintour is coming. [ cheers and applause ] i could get into this. >> she did pretty well. >> she did. the video apparently proving that there's nothing that anna wintour cannot do. by the way
3:52 am
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move free ultra. get your move on. ♪ i've been doing the show for about nine months and it's really become like a routine where we end the week with a mass shooting as our top story. >> sad. but emerging from all the shock and sadness of course we're also seeing stories of heroics and hope. and here now is our weekly friday rewind. >> i can still hear the gunshots. they were just one after the other like constantly like -- >> he actually made a call to 911 saying that the reason why he's doing this is because he wants america to stop bombing his country. he pledges allegiance to isis. >> i can just honestly say this was a sick person, this was a sick person
3:56 am
confused. >> i don't see anything in reviewing our work that our agents should have done differently. >> an evil person came in here. this man held multiple security licenses. >> i will no longer stand here absorbing the full concern, contrived gravity and tepid smugness of a house complicit in the weekly bloodshed. >> this orlando attack was just absolutely horrendous. and yet he still doesn't even use the word of radical islamic terror. >> yeah. >> you hear language that singles out immigrants and suggests entire religious communities are complicit in violence. where does this stop? >> i watched president obama today, and he was more angry at me than he was at the shooter. that's the kind of anger he should have for the shooter and these killers that shouldn't be here. >> he was born in queens, new york, only miles away from where
3:57 am
donald trump himself was born. a ban on muslims would not have stopped this attack. neither would a wall. >> all we can say is you are not on your own right now. your tragedy is our tragedy. hate will never win. >> love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love! cannot be killed or swept aside. ♪ ♪ i will lay me down ♪ i will lay me down >> the scenes continue to pour in. support of course for everyone who went through, both the victims who passed and the victims who survived. some who are still fighting for their lives. >> many more of those funerals will continue throughout the weekend as well. we'll be right back. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, new details in the nightclub shooting investigation. investigators now looking into texts from the gunman to his wife in the middle of the rampage. plus new details on his troubled place. why his father is under scrutiny. major wildfires in two states. people forced from their homes as the fires grow. one of them exploding to 16,000 acres overnight. new, meat loaf collapses on stage as medics rush to his aid in front of a crowd. dominating in cleveland, the cavs winning game six, steph curry ejected, throwing his mouthpiece and his wife trending all night long after a tweet.


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